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The total length of time from application to approval/study initiation varies depending on a number of factors in the application process.

Step 1. Submit your study outline, full proposal, and budget on this website
  • You may submit a study outline first to get initial feedback from the IIS committee. We will contact you if we need additional information
  • We highly recommend that you attach an itemized budget
Step 2. IIS Committee review IIS proposals
  • Study outline/full proposal are reviewed in our regular IIS meeting, held every month, with our IIS committee
  • We will contact you if we have additional questions about the study outline/full proposal. Study outline/full proposal may go through several rounds of reviews before decision rendering.
Step 3. Decision rendering
  • Only complete applications with itemized budget and full proposal can be considered for a positive decision; incomplete applications or study outline can be discussed for initial consideration but no decision would be rendered.
  • Decision may be based on various factors including, but not limited to, study design, scientific merit, business priority, budget availability
  • Decision will be notified by email. Questions may be directed to your Regional Manager of the IIS Program
Step 4. Contracting
  • If your study proposal is approved, we will contact you to initiate IIS contracting process. You will be sent the draft IIS agreement for review and approval by you and/or your institution.
  • Note that the study should not start before the contract is fully signed. We will not be able to compensate for work performed before the contract is signed.

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